Month: May 2012


How blessed and relieved one feels,
when he comes out of exam’s crease!

He thinks, he is free from all worries,
and now he can cope life with ease!

I don’t know why, all kids,
have this much hatred for exams.
though the exam is the fruit of their hard works,
but still they’ve these feelings and emotions.

I remember my school days,
I too hated exam’s days,

No, kid in the cosmos does exist so,
who from Exam days doesn’t feel Flue!


The April Evening,

every thing was pretty boring!
in a cool April evening
I went out and gallivanting
after a while, I saw kids playing,
and I ceased roaming
I asked them, what they wur playing
hide and seek, master we’re playing
I requested them to include me in their  game
but they ignored me, and continued playing
once more I asked them to let me play
but in harsh manner, rather than in humble way,
listening this they paused their game
they’ll broke on me, calling me spam
their leader bade them
to teach me how to play game
now and then, once more they broke on me
some gabbing me on back, and some clinging to knee,
eventually, they succeeded to land me
and started chanting to me

Architect of Destiny

ImageI hate my Destiny!
a friend of mine said to me,
Why this much hatred ye
have for thine Destiny?
I put forth a surprise query,

It has aye put me to calamity,
he answered me promptly.

Thou can never blame thine Destiny
man himself is architect of his Destiny,

Work hard, this is key to glory
thus thee can change thine Destiny,

This is my advice,  my dear buddy,
if you listen to this then u can achieve glories.

Me Destiny!


Me Destiny!

My destiny haunts me day, my destiny haunts
me at nights.
My destiny speaks to me each morning,
still I have not understood what
“Destiny is”.
My destiny keeps me up at nights pondering
about “Destiny”, which I have heard so much
about. Yet I can not find the answer to my
own destiny.
Seeing my fellow human it would appear that
most of them have found the secret to this
destiny. But, some like myself are still in
search of our destiny.
My destiny suddenly comes to light when I was
near my end through the path of life. And, it
was at that point I became aware that my task
throughout my life was my destiny.
My destiny has been visible in my actions, in
my words during my life. The failer to make
contact with my destiny was none other, than
lack of understanding.
Destiny beckon at me with these words, “If
you had known the meaning of the word destiny,
you would not have toiled so much.”
That is your destiny.