The story begins with an orphan, 6 years old Boy named Pirrip(Well known as ‘Pip’, who lives with his sister and his sister’s husband) gets some annoying notions from a convict, who have broken. On the convict’s demand the boy ‘Pip’ agrees to steal some food from his Sister’s poor House and bring to this Convict.
By the passage of time this boy grows older and he adopt the post of apprenticeship at Joe’s(sister’s husband) shop, who was a Black Smith.
He is then introduced to Miss Havisham. At Miss Havisham he falls in love with the girl of roughly his age named Estella, who was adopted by Miss Havisham. As the time passes the love of Estella in Pip hearts gets intenser.
One day a very renowned, famous lawyer,Mr.jagger comes to Pip and asks him to go with him in London so that he can become a Gentleman by the expanses of an Anonymous benefactor. To this Pip agrees and leaves for London, leaving behind his injured and ill sister, and his husband and his relative, teacher Biddy.
In London, the life goes very well, Pip enjoys the invitations, dinners and other festivals. He then fell down beneath big debt as he couldn’t manage his expanses. He starting drawing more and more loan from bank and spending them openly. He soon falls short of money and under huge debt to pay.
By the passage of time, his curiosity of knowing his Anonymous Benefactor gets more and more intense. He is then told that the convict that he fed for one morning, is his Benefactor. He gets very shocked and annoyed to this news and then he starts thinking of how get rid of the Convict, and even kick the Convict out of England.
The story goes own perpetually, with Estella marrying Pip’s nemesis and the death of the benefactor(Abel Magwitch) of Pip in prison. Later on, Pip get sick very badly, even he then starve to death due to this sickness. Meanwhile, Joe comes out in Pip’s help. And helps Pip in recovering thoroughly from this sickness.
After some times, Pip comes home with the intention to ask for forgiveness from Joe, plus asking to marry his long term, childhood friend and teacher Biddy, but reaching home he is welcomed with the news that Joe and Biddy has already agreed to marry  with each other. After some years, when Pip comes home once again then he finds baby son of Joe, whose name was also Pip.
There are two Endings to this Great Expectations:
1. Original Ending,
Pip is hanging out in London, with Pip Jr. He went to meet Estella. About her he has heard that her life was miserable. Her husband was not kind to her and when her husband died then Estella married a poor Doctor, and still the Life of Estella is not good.
2. Later Ending,
in the later on ending, Pip goes to Miss Havisham’s house. There he finds single, gorgeous but regretful Estella, jogging on the ground here and there. He finds Estella regretful that why she threw away Pip’s love, But he still had a firm believe that he and Estella would be together forever.


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