Month: July 2012

Friday-Thanks God!

Friday-Thanks God!

Every one is mighty cheerful and happy
there is neither special event nor any felicity
Why then every individual is this much happy
nothing special but “Thanks God, It’s Friday”
Today every one is willing to wake up early
today every one is willing to go to work early
Because they know it’s the last day of annoying days
There is full weekend lying ahead with relax and joys
School boys are studying heartily
because for next two days they’re gonna play thoroughly


When I Was Young…

When I Was Young

When I Was Young…

When I was young
every thing was charming and amazing
the world was replete with love and joy
bravery and adventurism was part of me
fear or horror was aye away from me
When I was young

When I was young
the life was mighty promising
the desire to achieve was alive
I was quite unique and dashing
the sense of humor and laughter was alive
When I was young

When I was young
every thing was mine
I was the lord of my world
In the company of friends
glorious and blessed life was going
When I was young

Summer Night


After a long day under the heat of furious sun
now it’s time for rest and some great fun
As the sun reaches to it’s destination leaving the sky
man heads towards home and birds seize to fly
Everything that were fainted and silent under sun’s command
once again they become alive and dynamic under moon’s command
End of era of prickly hot and dry day arrives
once again the shining star and cool moon arises
To lie on grass under vast and shining sky amid fresh air
and to watch and count all the shiny stars amid fresh air!

Do you know…


Why always the most corrupt individuals are valued by the society and
Why always the most sincere individuals are abused by the society

Why the Cruel is always thanked by the society and
Why the innocent is always hated by the society

Why the demolishing and damaging acts are appreciated and
Why the constructive and caring acts are turned down

Why one’s true love for mankind is questioned and
Why one’s hatred for mankind is received amid praise

Why penury is one’s cause of inferiority and
Why wealth is one’s cause of superiority

You are Champion!



Ye think you can’t do any thing big
and ye are nothing more than a common being
Now thou have to overcome these thoughts
ye have to get rid of these absurd thoughts
Thee possess everything to be a champion
thee have got every guts to be a champion
It needs nothing extravagant to be a champion
just a little devotion and struggle are key to be champion
Always go for big and go for the crown
no one can stop ye, no one can bring ye down
You can achieve thine goals;
even though it should be faraway
You can reach to thine destination;
even though it should be across the milky-way



Indeed, the world lives on hopes
it’s hard to live a life with out hopes
No one would toil, no one would struggle
if they all didn’t believe in hopes
A child who has just arrived
The old who is about to depart
Man, woman all human being
believe in hopes and live with hopes
Thou must have hopes to live thine life
Thou must have hopes till thine last breath
If you lose  thine hope, you lose thine breath!




He wakes up early in the dawn
when everyone’s mouth is open with yawn
After taking a simple light breakfast
he rushes towards his farm in haste

Still the lazy urban people are sleeping
but he is busy in tilling and harvesting
He gets never tired or ill
he is the man of iron will

All the colors and joys of our world
are the fruits of the struggles of this noble man
Hard to imagine a cheerful and cozy world
in the absence of this obscure and pauper man!



Certainly God used his divine mastery, skill for it’s creation
it’s God’s gorgeous gift and special boon
It’s creation is far beyond our imagination
it’s one and only, the cool and lovely MOON!

The more we look, the more we marvel at it
the way it rises, falls and the way it glows
Oh! moon’s beauty, coolness  really badly hits
its observers and makes them even bow!

Wandering from east to west and west to east
this lovely, teeny planet never rests
Oh! to be bright and cool like moon
impossible for every being but exception is with MOON!




It seems as if the Weekend is upset from us
it’s always ignoring and depriving us
We always wish and desire for the weekend
but we’re yet to get a good response from weekend

Weekend takes very tiresome and long time for its arrival
and passes away in a wink of an eye after its arrival
We wait from Monday till Friday for weekend
but we are always offended by weekend

Since school days till now, we aye died for weekend
we always had special voice and love for weekend
We’ve aye been made to wait long for weekend
we’ve aye been annoyed by lazy, slow-pace weekend!




Young, old, mad and wise all rush toward this
men from their birth till death rush toward this
They give their best and some times even their health
they’ve made it their utmost mission to collect wealth

It’s wealth that every where is lies and corruptions
it’s wealth that every where is hatred and destructions
Crimes are committed just to earn wealth
even lives are seized just to earn  wealth

Our mishap that it’s our ambition to earn wealth
we’ve ignored every other beings just to earn wealth
Do collect wealth but to a certain extent buddy
be caring and loving to other beings to some extent buddy!



O’ to live in the ideal, glorious world
of peace, calm and relief
O’ to be part of blessed, joyous world
to have high hopes from life and great belief

But it really sounds mad and crazy
that to live in a world of roars and uncertainty
In a world replete with unrest, injustice and cruelty
and thinking about the blessed and canonized world

Man has done a lot to make world an ideal home
but the result is yet to be ideal
still hoping that men might succeed
to make this world a charming and ideal!

Adam’s Sons

Adam’s Sons

Though we all are Adam’s sons
and we are all brothers
But again these much races and sections
and many classes of distinctions!

Pe0ple are dying of hunger but who cares
people are being plundered but who cares
Rich are looking for mountains of wealth
and the poor even can’t dream about wealth

No one is anymore helpful to fellow humanity
no one is ready to solve the problems of humanity
Every one has lost the passion and feelings of humanity
Every one has ignored his moral duty for humanity