Month: August 2012

Get up! Get up!

Get up!

Get up! Get up!

Get up! Get up!
It is not the time for more slumber or sleep
abandon the day dream and come out of blanket
Hurry up and start not to creep
it is time to rise and gleam
Get up! Get up!

Get up! Get up!
No room to be idle any more
no room to be stagnant any more
Come on, don’t try to be a lazy bluffer
indulge in life like an exquisite runner
Get up! Get up!

Get up! Get up!
Leave now yawning and wonder
think positive and quit all the blunder
Rush towards thine task like an ant
no more plea or excuse that you can’t
Get up! Get up!

Get up! Get up!
The more you go, nearer will be thine destination
don’t hesitate because thee can reach beyond the imagination
Don’t prophecy about thine destiny full with failure and tragedy
with thine noble deeds thou can make glorious thine Destiny
Get up! Get up!


1s and 0s

by Jason Alan,
Life = Just Duality

Jason Alan. Writer, Character.


if someone asks you the meaning of life:


that’s all you need

just that one word.

you see it every day

sense it in every way.

bitter and sweet.

pleasure and pain.

good and evil.

light and dark.

up and down,

east and west,

north and south,

left and right.

yes and no.

on and off.

action and reaction.

1s and 0s.

you see it in film.

black and white.

in politics.

conservative and liberal.

in mythology.

God and Satan.

you see it in biology.

the water that gives you life

may also drown you.

you see it in a microscope.

protons and neutrons.

it’s inescapable.

yin and yang.

beautiful and ugly.

male and female.

truth and lies.

fire and water.

large and small.

positive and negative.

so when someone asks you

what is the meaning of life, the universe and everything?

tell them simply,


and you…

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It is the Soul’s ulcer
it’s horrible O’ Brother
It eats up all the good deeds of a man
like termites that spoil a wooden lane

Envy brings man down to failure from success
envy brings man from bright light to fierce darkness
No more love, passion or sympathy remains in the man
only hatred, despair and tyranny remains in the man

It’s the hindrance towards the progress
it aye resists to achieve the success
It’s the the moral lesson of humanity
be an upright man, never go for ENVY

Pain of Life


feels good when life goas a maying
when every thing goes as it was planned
The life is very merry and charming
when the the life goes as it was planned

But the pain of life is also heart-seizing
when it starts to effect adversely
The pain of life doesn’t spare any being
when it starts it’s cruelty and brutality

Be Sinner or Saint


Be Sinner or Saint
never look for the intermediate way
Be noble, spiritual, and religious thoroughly
be robber, killer and the culprit thoroughly
Curse to be half sinner and half saint
curse to do damages wearing the mask of saint
Curse to hurt man by using the name of religion
curse to kill man by using the name of religion
Straight-arrow man can never go for sin
an upright man can never go for sin
Be Sinner or Saint