Month: October 2012

Scums aye Pledged!

They aye claimed that they didn’t breath

Unless they had a glimpse of ye

But, when before all scums a test is put forth

all pledges and belongings are shattered and died


When We were Together!

O’ God, when we all were together,
roaming, fighting and playing,
going on a trip on foot here and there,
with sonnies, life never looked boring

Now every thing, is available,
But the childhood bliss is missing,
come let’s be merry and live a jolly life,
who knows if this might be the last moment of life!


In my Dreams…



In my dreams…
I roam over the gorgeous vales
just like a rogue cloud that hover over the vales
rushing and running, without getting tired
enjoying and laughing and going wild

But some times a horrible nightmare

does come to scare
haunting and smothering and tormenting
but I succeed in opening mouth and shouting