Month: July 2013



How blessed and fortunate is the brother
If he is accompanied by his sister
always cared by a sincere carer
always loved by a sincere lover

Always wish to assist her brother
with joy and pleasure
Shielding him from woes
Protecting him against his foes

Her support is always their for her brother
When every helping hand is vanished
Her affection is always their for her brother
When by every one; he is despised and banished


Oh, the old days

Oh, the old days

Oh, the old days that passed betwixt thee and me
Oh, those moments, beneath the shady tree
Now fallen in a foreign land
and detained on a foreign land

The way we joked, laughed and cackled
The way we roamed the meadows and fields
all cheery, life was merry
all blessed, nothing concealed

Everything vanished in a glimpse of an eye
Now left apart to sigh and sigh
O’God! where is liberty and noble friends?
Return the old days and the old friends