some Poetry!



How blessed and fortunate is the brother
If he is accompanied by his sister
always cared by a sincere carer
always loved by a sincere lover

Always wish to assist her brother
with joy and pleasure
Shielding him from woes
Protecting him against his foes

Her support is always their for her brother
When every helping hand is vanished
Her affection is always their for her brother
When by every one; he is despised and banished


Oh, the old days

Oh, the old days

Oh, the old days that passed betwixt thee and me
Oh, those moments, beneath the shady tree
Now fallen in a foreign land
and detained on a foreign land

The way we joked, laughed and cackled
The way we roamed the meadows and fields
all cheery, life was merry
all blessed, nothing concealed

Everything vanished in a glimpse of an eye
Now left apart to sigh and sigh
O’God! where is liberty and noble friends?
Return the old days and the old friends

Upright Kids

Joy, love and sport is their life
Nothing can deprive them of a merry life
Never inhibited by penury or awes
Upright kids live a merry life

Far from envy, far from prejudice
Upright kids live a merry life
Distinction, discrimination;
mean nothing to them
Upright kids live a merry life

Hatred, feuds and bloody fights
Pride, haughty and dislikes
These all vices of life
Comprise our elder’s life

O’ My Soul; Spring is Gone!

Thin, weary, dry and woe-begone
No more joy, no more bliss
It is autumn, spring is gone
No more joy, no more bliss

When it was spring
The Life was a maying
Now It is autumn, the youth is gone
The time is over, the bliss is gone

O’my soul! every thing is gone
Cease dreaming them, they are gone

Thou seek peace, peace is gone
Thou seek bliss, bliss is gone

Let’s Share to Care!

let’s share to care
let’s care to share
you blest buddy,
thou hath jewelery
me pauper guy
and down with penury
let’s exchange thine jewels and mine penury
let’s share to care
let’s care to share

let’s share to care
let’s care to share
you blest buddy
besieged by joy and bliss
me an unlucky cham
down with grief and worried
let’s exchange thine joys and mine sorrows
let’s share to care
let’s care to share

I hate you Cat!

Ye are an opportunist
Ye are a mischievous traitor
Ye aye show off thine brutality upon feeble beings
But live degraded life of an escapee from a dog

I enjoy the scene
When thou like a rogue destitute
Run inside out, upside down
Just for a scrap of food

I rejoice heartily
When ye are chased by dog;
fast and furiously

Thine mewing has always mocked me
Thine robbery has always hurt me
I always fume with hatred and hyper
When I see ye or any of thine brother!


When We were Together!

O’ God, when we all were together,
roaming, fighting and playing,
going on a trip on foot here and there,
with sonnies, life never looked boring

Now every thing, is available,
But the childhood bliss is missing,
come let’s be merry and live a jolly life,
who knows if this might be the last moment of life!


In my Dreams…



In my dreams…
I roam over the gorgeous vales
just like a rogue cloud that hover over the vales
rushing and running, without getting tired
enjoying and laughing and going wild

But some times a horrible nightmare

does come to scare
haunting and smothering and tormenting
but I succeed in opening mouth and shouting


It’s now turning cold gradually

the sun will not shine furiously

the winter is set to prevail

the summer is fading

the loaded trees are now yielding

the pale leaves are now falling

the garden’s beauty is splashed

the gorgeous flowers are perished

fields are turned yellow

                                     no more visitors for the meadow

chums are down with flu

It is now the barren Autumn!

What if …

Image : DFL USA Foundation

What if this lovely bright day never goes down again

What if the horrible and dark night never appear again

What if all chums aye embrace each other

What if all chums aye be benevolent to each other

What if the poor is never ignored due to his wealth

What if the reach is never favored due to his wealth

What if the brother is not betrayed by brother again

What if the brother is not afflicted by brother again

What if we stop cheating one another treacherously

What if we do our every deed righteously

What if the wealth is not the standard of man in the society

What if the race is not the standard of man in the society

What if no more penny is spent on arms and artillery

What if efforts are made to overcome the chasm of hostility

What if every one rejoices on the success of fellow buddy

What if every one should rise above ego and envy

What if we forgive the mistakes of our friends

What if we have mercy and kindness for our friends

What if we become the picture of kindness and mercy

What if we become the picture of pity and honesty

What if no more carnage is carried out by the name of religion

What if no more unrest is launched by the name of change or revolution

What if the leaders abandon the looting and corruption

What if the leaders abandon sacrificing the innocent masses in their mission

What if we fight against the maladies and calamities unitedly

What if we make our earth a charming and fascinating home unitedly

Get up! Get up!

Get up!

Get up! Get up!

Get up! Get up!
It is not the time for more slumber or sleep
abandon the day dream and come out of blanket
Hurry up and start not to creep
it is time to rise and gleam
Get up! Get up!

Get up! Get up!
No room to be idle any more
no room to be stagnant any more
Come on, don’t try to be a lazy bluffer
indulge in life like an exquisite runner
Get up! Get up!

Get up! Get up!
Leave now yawning and wonder
think positive and quit all the blunder
Rush towards thine task like an ant
no more plea or excuse that you can’t
Get up! Get up!

Get up! Get up!
The more you go, nearer will be thine destination
don’t hesitate because thee can reach beyond the imagination
Don’t prophecy about thine destiny full with failure and tragedy
with thine noble deeds thou can make glorious thine Destiny
Get up! Get up!




It is the Soul’s ulcer
it’s horrible O’ Brother
It eats up all the good deeds of a man
like termites that spoil a wooden lane

Envy brings man down to failure from success
envy brings man from bright light to fierce darkness
No more love, passion or sympathy remains in the man
only hatred, despair and tyranny remains in the man

It’s the hindrance towards the progress
it aye resists to achieve the success
It’s the the moral lesson of humanity
be an upright man, never go for ENVY

Pain of Life


feels good when life goas a maying
when every thing goes as it was planned
The life is very merry and charming
when the the life goes as it was planned

But the pain of life is also heart-seizing
when it starts to effect adversely
The pain of life doesn’t spare any being
when it starts it’s cruelty and brutality

Be Sinner or Saint


Be Sinner or Saint
never look for the intermediate way
Be noble, spiritual, and religious thoroughly
be robber, killer and the culprit thoroughly
Curse to be half sinner and half saint
curse to do damages wearing the mask of saint
Curse to hurt man by using the name of religion
curse to kill man by using the name of religion
Straight-arrow man can never go for sin
an upright man can never go for sin
Be Sinner or Saint

Friday-Thanks God!

Friday-Thanks God!

Every one is mighty cheerful and happy
there is neither special event nor any felicity
Why then every individual is this much happy
nothing special but “Thanks God, It’s Friday”
Today every one is willing to wake up early
today every one is willing to go to work early
Because they know it’s the last day of annoying days
There is full weekend lying ahead with relax and joys
School boys are studying heartily
because for next two days they’re gonna play thoroughly

When I Was Young…

When I Was Young

When I Was Young…

When I was young
every thing was charming and amazing
the world was replete with love and joy
bravery and adventurism was part of me
fear or horror was aye away from me
When I was young

When I was young
the life was mighty promising
the desire to achieve was alive
I was quite unique and dashing
the sense of humor and laughter was alive
When I was young

When I was young
every thing was mine
I was the lord of my world
In the company of friends
glorious and blessed life was going
When I was young

Summer Night


After a long day under the heat of furious sun
now it’s time for rest and some great fun
As the sun reaches to it’s destination leaving the sky
man heads towards home and birds seize to fly
Everything that were fainted and silent under sun’s command
once again they become alive and dynamic under moon’s command
End of era of prickly hot and dry day arrives
once again the shining star and cool moon arises
To lie on grass under vast and shining sky amid fresh air
and to watch and count all the shiny stars amid fresh air!

You are Champion!

Photo: guildofstudents.com


Ye think you can’t do any thing big
and ye are nothing more than a common being
Now thou have to overcome these thoughts
ye have to get rid of these absurd thoughts
Thee possess everything to be a champion
thee have got every guts to be a champion
It needs nothing extravagant to be a champion
just a little devotion and struggle are key to be champion
Always go for big and go for the crown
no one can stop ye, no one can bring ye down
You can achieve thine goals;
even though it should be faraway
You can reach to thine destination;
even though it should be across the milky-way