Absurd Poetry

Life is Brief!

Life is Brief!

Life is Brief!
Live it without grief
Live it not to hurt some one
Live it not to pain some one

Life is short!
soon we all shall depart
In this world of charm
we live without any harm

Life is a gift of merry!
Let’s all be jolly
In this world of beauty
Let’s all achieve glory


In my Dreams…



In my dreams…
I roam over the gorgeous vales
just like a rogue cloud that hover over the vales
rushing and running, without getting tired
enjoying and laughing and going wild

But some times a horrible nightmare

does come to scare
haunting and smothering and tormenting
but I succeed in opening mouth and shouting

When I Was Young…

When I Was Young

When I Was Young…

When I was young
every thing was charming and amazing
the world was replete with love and joy
bravery and adventurism was part of me
fear or horror was aye away from me
When I was young

When I was young
the life was mighty promising
the desire to achieve was alive
I was quite unique and dashing
the sense of humor and laughter was alive
When I was young

When I was young
every thing was mine
I was the lord of my world
In the company of friends
glorious and blessed life was going
When I was young