O’ My Soul; Spring is Gone!

Thin, weary, dry and woe-begone
No more joy, no more bliss
It is autumn, spring is gone
No more joy, no more bliss

When it was spring
The Life was a maying
Now It is autumn, the youth is gone
The time is over, the bliss is gone

O’my soul! every thing is gone
Cease dreaming them, they are gone

Thou seek peace, peace is gone
Thou seek bliss, bliss is gone


When We were Together!

O’ God, when we all were together,
roaming, fighting and playing,
going on a trip on foot here and there,
with sonnies, life never looked boring

Now every thing, is available,
But the childhood bliss is missing,
come let’s be merry and live a jolly life,
who knows if this might be the last moment of life!