O’ to live in the ideal, glorious world
of peace, calm and relief
O’ to be part of blessed, joyous world
to have high hopes from life and great belief

But it really sounds mad and crazy
that to live in a world of roars and uncertainty
In a world replete with unrest, injustice and cruelty
and thinking about the blessed and canonized world

Man has done a lot to make world an ideal home
but the result is yet to be ideal
still hoping that men might succeed
to make this world a charming and ideal!


Adam’s Sons

Adam’s Sons

Though we all are Adam’s sons
and we are all brothers
But again these much races and sections
and many classes of distinctions!

Pe0ple are dying of hunger but who cares
people are being plundered but who cares
Rich are looking for mountains of wealth
and the poor even can’t dream about wealth

No one is anymore helpful to fellow humanity
no one is ready to solve the problems of humanity
Every one has lost the passion and feelings of humanity
Every one has ignored his moral duty for humanity




Indeed, that day was very wicked and clumsy
that me, the hapless creature came into being
The men, unitedly gave me the name “Donkey”
I’m suitable for every words with absurd meaning

I’ve got twin erect ears on head,
a terrible nose and giant, untidy mouth
I’m granted a horrible sickening voice
every creature is sick of my voice

I do every sort of chores for men
but there is no one to value my efforts in men
before the discoveries, inventions and innovations
in this world, I was the best mean of transportation

Men considers my name a huge shame for them
they give their suckers and juniors my name
I don’t know, what I’ve done bad to men
that I can’t find any buddy among men


Be Positive.


No matter how tough the circumstances should be
but thou have to cling to thine hopes like a bee
no matter how impossible thine goals seem
but to achieve them, you aye should be keen

keep the faith and keep the pride
thou can shine and thou can ride
no one is perfect, but every one isn’t common too!
if thee can’t be superior then don’t be inferior too!

don’t count but resolve thine weaknesses
this is what that guides man to achieve greatness
be aggressive and be resilient
trust thine abilities and BE POSITIVE.


Monday, @ Medestiny.wordpress.com


The sun is rising up fastly
No one is waking up willingly
The alarms are buzzing loudly
Every one is leaving bed drowsily
Why, What is wrong with today?
Nothing special, it’s just Monday!
How fast weekend have passed
how fast Monday has arrived
Young and olds  are all furious today
As they all despise Monday

Friends Forever

When ever I think about life,
a solitary, queer thought comes to my mind,
Does there exist any life
with out a friend?

Every time I’m in tragedy,
I, promptly, call my buddy,
to take me out of that tragedy,
because he’s the one who does it perfectly.

When I was a School Boy,
though on every matter I was coy,
I couldn’t say any thing to any one,
But I shared every secrets with friends,
They’re the only creature, that,
keep secret a secret.

Whenever I was bungled by life,
they came to the rescue of my life.
They do for me, what I ask,
They do for me, what ever is the task.

I luv u all buddies,
yes, yes, u all sweeties.
I can never forget any of my friend,
love you all, till I die, Friends!