Essay Writng Test

ACT Essay Writing Test

    ACT Writing Test Prompt:
At some high school, Teachers have considered allowing each student to choose the books he or she will read for English class rather than requiring all students in class to read the same books. Some teachers support such a policy because they think student will greatly improve their reading skills if they read books they find interesting. Other teachers do not support such a policy because they think that students will learn more by participating in class discussions with others who read the same books. In your opinion, should each individual student be allowed to choose the books he or she reads for English class?

Certainly, reading book of one’s own choice and selection is an enjoyment and fun. But at high school level the system or the method adopted by the teacher to allow the students to pick out any English book according to their own desire as an English text book is not a wise and legitimate decision near me.

There is a problem right from the beginning that every student choose a book according to his own mentality and knowledge. Where as the lazy bluffers and weak students go and choose a book of their caliber. This distinction and discrimination right from the starts is an horrible issue.

Though reading one’s own selected and favorite book is fun but on the other hand, a question arises whether the student is finding the book easy and doing well with the book. Is he finding it easy to accomplish assignments and easy to digest the book or he is just stuffing his head with the things that he doesn’t understand? Another major problem in this regard is this that if the teacher has no idea about the book that his student has opted and he’s never read that book before then you can imagine that how heavy for the student it’ll be to go through the book. Plus, he won’t be having any chance to exploit  the class discussion held betwixt him and his class mates because every students have selected different books according to their own desire and there won’t be any one to oblige him get out of the marsh of difficulty that he was caught by his misjudgment of choosing a book that he can’t go through.

Similarly, permitting the students in choosing a book for themselves will restrict the teachers in their task to bring the lazy bluffers on the right track. At first the lazy ones won’t select any solid literature book instead of this they will go for any inferior one. And they’ll be having this pretext available 24/7 to defend themselves in not doing the assignments that they didn’t understand the passage and the teacher also didn’t elucidate and clarified the passage to them.

In nut shell, to avoid the worst case scenario, it’s very important and necessary that the teachers  should select a proper and solid literature book for his/her all pupils so that he can give his best in explaining the book to them and thus the students will learn sufficient and good English in a more proper and broader way.