What if …

Image : DFL USA Foundation

What if this lovely bright day never goes down again

What if the horrible and dark night never appear again

What if all chums aye embrace each other

What if all chums aye be benevolent to each other

What if the poor is never ignored due to his wealth

What if the reach is never favored due to his wealth

What if the brother is not betrayed by brother again

What if the brother is not afflicted by brother again

What if we stop cheating one another treacherously

What if we do our every deed righteously

What if the wealth is not the standard of man in the society

What if the race is not the standard of man in the society

What if no more penny is spent on arms and artillery

What if efforts are made to overcome the chasm of hostility

What if every one rejoices on the success of fellow buddy

What if every one should rise above ego and envy

What if we forgive the mistakes of our friends

What if we have mercy and kindness for our friends

What if we become the picture of kindness and mercy

What if we become the picture of pity and honesty

What if no more carnage is carried out by the name of religion

What if no more unrest is launched by the name of change or revolution

What if the leaders abandon the looting and corruption

What if the leaders abandon sacrificing the innocent masses in their mission

What if we fight against the maladies and calamities unitedly

What if we make our earth a charming and fascinating home unitedly





It is the Soul’s ulcer
it’s horrible O’ Brother
It eats up all the good deeds of a man
like termites that spoil a wooden lane

Envy brings man down to failure from success
envy brings man from bright light to fierce darkness
No more love, passion or sympathy remains in the man
only hatred, despair and tyranny remains in the man

It’s the hindrance towards the progress
it aye resists to achieve the success
It’s the the moral lesson of humanity
be an upright man, never go for ENVY




He wakes up early in the dawn
when everyone’s mouth is open with yawn
After taking a simple light breakfast
he rushes towards his farm in haste

Still the lazy urban people are sleeping
but he is busy in tilling and harvesting
He gets never tired or ill
he is the man of iron will

All the colors and joys of our world
are the fruits of the struggles of this noble man
Hard to imagine a cheerful and cozy world
in the absence of this obscure and pauper man!



O’ to live in the ideal, glorious world
of peace, calm and relief
O’ to be part of blessed, joyous world
to have high hopes from life and great belief

But it really sounds mad and crazy
that to live in a world of roars and uncertainty
In a world replete with unrest, injustice and cruelty
and thinking about the blessed and canonized world

Man has done a lot to make world an ideal home
but the result is yet to be ideal
still hoping that men might succeed
to make this world a charming and ideal!