How blessed and fortunate is the brother
If he is accompanied by his sister
always cared by a sincere carer
always loved by a sincere lover

Always wish to assist her brother
with joy and pleasure
Shielding him from woes
Protecting him against his foes

Her support is always their for her brother
When every helping hand is vanished
Her affection is always their for her brother
When by every one; he is despised and banished


Oh, the old days

Oh, the old days

Oh, the old days that passed betwixt thee and me
Oh, those moments, beneath the shady tree
Now fallen in a foreign land
and detained on a foreign land

The way we joked, laughed and cackled
The way we roamed the meadows and fields
all cheery, life was merry
all blessed, nothing concealed

Everything vanished in a glimpse of an eye
Now left apart to sigh and sigh
O’God! where is liberty and noble friends?
Return the old days and the old friends

Upright Kids

Joy, love and sport is their life
Nothing can deprive them of a merry life
Never inhibited by penury or awes
Upright kids live a merry life

Far from envy, far from prejudice
Upright kids live a merry life
Distinction, discrimination;
mean nothing to them
Upright kids live a merry life

Hatred, feuds and bloody fights
Pride, haughty and dislikes
These all vices of life
Comprise our elder’s life

What if …

Image : DFL USA Foundation

What if this lovely bright day never goes down again

What if the horrible and dark night never appear again

What if all chums aye embrace each other

What if all chums aye be benevolent to each other

What if the poor is never ignored due to his wealth

What if the reach is never favored due to his wealth

What if the brother is not betrayed by brother again

What if the brother is not afflicted by brother again

What if we stop cheating one another treacherously

What if we do our every deed righteously

What if the wealth is not the standard of man in the society

What if the race is not the standard of man in the society

What if no more penny is spent on arms and artillery

What if efforts are made to overcome the chasm of hostility

What if every one rejoices on the success of fellow buddy

What if every one should rise above ego and envy

What if we forgive the mistakes of our friends

What if we have mercy and kindness for our friends

What if we become the picture of kindness and mercy

What if we become the picture of pity and honesty

What if no more carnage is carried out by the name of religion

What if no more unrest is launched by the name of change or revolution

What if the leaders abandon the looting and corruption

What if the leaders abandon sacrificing the innocent masses in their mission

What if we fight against the maladies and calamities unitedly

What if we make our earth a charming and fascinating home unitedly




It is the Soul’s ulcer
it’s horrible O’ Brother
It eats up all the good deeds of a man
like termites that spoil a wooden lane

Envy brings man down to failure from success
envy brings man from bright light to fierce darkness
No more love, passion or sympathy remains in the man
only hatred, despair and tyranny remains in the man

It’s the hindrance towards the progress
it aye resists to achieve the success
It’s the the moral lesson of humanity
be an upright man, never go for ENVY

Summer Night


After a long day under the heat of furious sun
now it’s time for rest and some great fun
As the sun reaches to it’s destination leaving the sky
man heads towards home and birds seize to fly
Everything that were fainted and silent under sun’s command
once again they become alive and dynamic under moon’s command
End of era of prickly hot and dry day arrives
once again the shining star and cool moon arises
To lie on grass under vast and shining sky amid fresh air
and to watch and count all the shiny stars amid fresh air!

Do you know…


Why always the most corrupt individuals are valued by the society and
Why always the most sincere individuals are abused by the society

Why the Cruel is always thanked by the society and
Why the innocent is always hated by the society

Why the demolishing and damaging acts are appreciated and
Why the constructive and caring acts are turned down

Why one’s true love for mankind is questioned and
Why one’s hatred for mankind is received amid praise

Why penury is one’s cause of inferiority and
Why wealth is one’s cause of superiority




He wakes up early in the dawn
when everyone’s mouth is open with yawn
After taking a simple light breakfast
he rushes towards his farm in haste

Still the lazy urban people are sleeping
but he is busy in tilling and harvesting
He gets never tired or ill
he is the man of iron will

All the colors and joys of our world
are the fruits of the struggles of this noble man
Hard to imagine a cheerful and cozy world
in the absence of this obscure and pauper man!



Certainly God used his divine mastery, skill for it’s creation
it’s God’s gorgeous gift and special boon
It’s creation is far beyond our imagination
it’s one and only, the cool and lovely MOON!

The more we look, the more we marvel at it
the way it rises, falls and the way it glows
Oh! moon’s beauty, coolness  really badly hits
its observers and makes them even bow!

Wandering from east to west and west to east
this lovely, teeny planet never rests
Oh! to be bright and cool like moon
impossible for every being but exception is with MOON!




It seems as if the Weekend is upset from us
it’s always ignoring and depriving us
We always wish and desire for the weekend
but we’re yet to get a good response from weekend

Weekend takes very tiresome and long time for its arrival
and passes away in a wink of an eye after its arrival
We wait from Monday till Friday for weekend
but we are always offended by weekend

Since school days till now, we aye died for weekend
we always had special voice and love for weekend
We’ve aye been made to wait long for weekend
we’ve aye been annoyed by lazy, slow-pace weekend!



O’ to live in the ideal, glorious world
of peace, calm and relief
O’ to be part of blessed, joyous world
to have high hopes from life and great belief

But it really sounds mad and crazy
that to live in a world of roars and uncertainty
In a world replete with unrest, injustice and cruelty
and thinking about the blessed and canonized world

Man has done a lot to make world an ideal home
but the result is yet to be ideal
still hoping that men might succeed
to make this world a charming and ideal!

Adam’s Sons

Adam’s Sons

Though we all are Adam’s sons
and we are all brothers
But again these much races and sections
and many classes of distinctions!

Pe0ple are dying of hunger but who cares
people are being plundered but who cares
Rich are looking for mountains of wealth
and the poor even can’t dream about wealth

No one is anymore helpful to fellow humanity
no one is ready to solve the problems of humanity
Every one has lost the passion and feelings of humanity
Every one has ignored his moral duty for humanity




Indeed, that day was very wicked and clumsy
that me, the hapless creature came into being
The men, unitedly gave me the name “Donkey”
I’m suitable for every words with absurd meaning

I’ve got twin erect ears on head,
a terrible nose and giant, untidy mouth
I’m granted a horrible sickening voice
every creature is sick of my voice

I do every sort of chores for men
but there is no one to value my efforts in men
before the discoveries, inventions and innovations
in this world, I was the best mean of transportation

Men considers my name a huge shame for them
they give their suckers and juniors my name
I don’t know, what I’ve done bad to men
that I can’t find any buddy among men


Be Positive.


No matter how tough the circumstances should be
but thou have to cling to thine hopes like a bee
no matter how impossible thine goals seem
but to achieve them, you aye should be keen

keep the faith and keep the pride
thou can shine and thou can ride
no one is perfect, but every one isn’t common too!
if thee can’t be superior then don’t be inferior too!

don’t count but resolve thine weaknesses
this is what that guides man to achieve greatness
be aggressive and be resilient
trust thine abilities and BE POSITIVE.

Friends Forever

When ever I think about life,
a solitary, queer thought comes to my mind,
Does there exist any life
with out a friend?

Every time I’m in tragedy,
I, promptly, call my buddy,
to take me out of that tragedy,
because he’s the one who does it perfectly.

When I was a School Boy,
though on every matter I was coy,
I couldn’t say any thing to any one,
But I shared every secrets with friends,
They’re the only creature, that,
keep secret a secret.

Whenever I was bungled by life,
they came to the rescue of my life.
They do for me, what I ask,
They do for me, what ever is the task.

I luv u all buddies,
yes, yes, u all sweeties.
I can never forget any of my friend,
love you all, till I die, Friends!