Upright Kids

Joy, love and sport is their life
Nothing can deprive them of a merry life
Never inhibited by penury or awes
Upright kids live a merry life

Far from envy, far from prejudice
Upright kids live a merry life
Distinction, discrimination;
mean nothing to them
Upright kids live a merry life

Hatred, feuds and bloody fights
Pride, haughty and dislikes
These all vices of life
Comprise our elder’s life


Be Sinner or Saint


Be Sinner or Saint
never look for the intermediate way
Be noble, spiritual, and religious thoroughly
be robber, killer and the culprit thoroughly
Curse to be half sinner and half saint
curse to do damages wearing the mask of saint
Curse to hurt man by using the name of religion
curse to kill man by using the name of religion
Straight-arrow man can never go for sin
an upright man can never go for sin
Be Sinner or Saint

When I Was Young…

When I Was Young

When I Was Young…

When I was young
every thing was charming and amazing
the world was replete with love and joy
bravery and adventurism was part of me
fear or horror was aye away from me
When I was young

When I was young
the life was mighty promising
the desire to achieve was alive
I was quite unique and dashing
the sense of humor and laughter was alive
When I was young

When I was young
every thing was mine
I was the lord of my world
In the company of friends
glorious and blessed life was going
When I was young



Indeed, the world lives on hopes
it’s hard to live a life with out hopes
No one would toil, no one would struggle
if they all didn’t believe in hopes
A child who has just arrived
The old who is about to depart
Man, woman all human being
believe in hopes and live with hopes
Thou must have hopes to live thine life
Thou must have hopes till thine last breath
If you lose  thine hope, you lose thine breath!




He wakes up early in the dawn
when everyone’s mouth is open with yawn
After taking a simple light breakfast
he rushes towards his farm in haste

Still the lazy urban people are sleeping
but he is busy in tilling and harvesting
He gets never tired or ill
he is the man of iron will

All the colors and joys of our world
are the fruits of the struggles of this noble man
Hard to imagine a cheerful and cozy world
in the absence of this obscure and pauper man!